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This is something I have been self conscious about for a few years now and has been really bothering me, some people wouldn’t care but for me going bald was a big thing that really knocked my self confidence and something I constantly worried about, even sharing how bald I was is making me anxious but I hung on for as long as I could, its horrible knowing that it gonna get to a point where you are going to have to brave the shave and i was almost rocking a double combover, but I could hide it that well with products nobody would have really noticed.

Weighing up my options I went for a consultation to get a hair transplant and got quoted well over 6 grand and that was doing some research into good surgeons in turkey I wasn’t up for taking the chance of paying less and getting butchered, the only problem i thought with a transplant was it was that dear and the hair can fall back out again some footballers and celebs have had 2,3,4 transplants and I don’t really have that sort of money to be flinging about, but then I looked into micro scalp pigmentation and had enquired about it and realised its a cheaper option and its a permanent solution, i had seen a few people that had it and thought if I didn’t know they had it then I wouldn’t have been able to tell so decided that was the route i was going to take.

So I braved the shave and now nearly at the end of my procedure and I could not be happier, it has done wonders for me, I used to wear a hat 24/7 unless I was going out and could matte my hair in hairspray and style it to hide my baldness. For the first time in 3 years I went to work on Tuesday without my hat on.

This is all the work of Scalp Studio Scotland and I would highly recommend anyone that is going through the same as what i was to give the page a like and have a look into it. The guy Dougie that works there couldn’t be any more helpful and you can tell he does it for a sense of pride in his work and isn’t there just to take your money.

For the first time in years hair is something I don’t need to worry about and its all thanks to them.

I Could not recommend Scalp Studio Scotland enough, Dougie made me feel totally at ease as it is a distressing subject going bald, all questions were answered during the consultation process and the procedure itself has worked wonders with results from even the 1st session, results are amazing, no longer feel self conscious at all.

After my 3rd session today Douglas uploaded my before and during picture and the difference and results are outstanding.Can’t wait to see the final results.

Highly recommend this gentleman’s work. Glad I done this rather than the hair transplant get involved.


Scalp Studio Scotland is extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Looking into hair loss procedures I came across this clinic and would never look back!

The results are phenomenal and is virtually painless, after the first session I noticed a massive improvement! It then continued to get better!

I cannot thank them enough and the results have been life changing for me!

Thank You Again!

I went to Dougie at Scalp Studio Scotland as I was becoming tired and depressed with the overall look and up keep of my hair. My hair line had slowly been receding since my early 20s and I’d recently became more and more down with my appearance. After our initial consultation I walked out already feeling relieved and invigorated about the plans he had for me. But in all honesty I never for one second could believe the results he’d be able to achieve. I’ve just finished my final session and I’m feeling like a new man. My confidence is soaring and I’m just so happy that I sent that first message to him and where it’s got me. Highly highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks mate.

I would highly reccomend Scalp Studio Scotland to anyone that is looking to take the shine off their dome! The whole process from consultation to the end result you are made to feel at ease and Dougie is keen to answer any questions you have. I’m absolutely buzzing with how it turned out and my only regret is I didnt go for it years ago!

Dougie is a true master at this, in 3 sessions he has gave me my hairline back along with a full head of hair. I couldn’t recommend him enough if you are serious about getting this done. Confidence restored. Thank you.

Fantastic experience, was unsure and sceptical at first but with Douglas’s professionalism and knowledge on the process the whole journey was a breeze start to finish!

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